In 2009 the business model was changed based on the heavy demand for the blooms and the problems with securing a steady supply of propagation material. This also coincided with Lana Mitchell’s family growing and her conclusion that trying to nurture thousands of plants as well as two small children under the age of 5 was proving to be an impossible task.

Backcreek Country no longer grows and sells Flannel flower blooms, instead propagating and licensing commercial cut-flower growers.

We get requests for blooms on a regular basis.  If you are looking to purchase or order Flannel flower blooms for a wedding or a special event between October and January, please contact David Woolley of Bolong River Produce. He grows White Romance as well as other varieties of Flannel flower and can provide you with blooms for special events. His email is

If you are wanting blooms between February and September, then please contact Craig Scott of Eastcoast Wildflowers (located at Flemington Sydney Markets) on ph. (02) 9325 6774. Eastcoast Wildflowers is a wholesale company that both grows Flannel flowers on their Mangrove Mountain property, and also weekly gets in Flannel flower blooms from growers in NSW and VIC.  Some of these growers specialise in a variety with small stems and blooms that flowers 10 months of the year, enabling supply outside if the Spring and Summer months. Florists can obtain flowers easily from Eastcoast Wildflowers, and public can also place orders through Eastcoast Wildflowers and organise pick-up.