Our products

At Backcreek Country we have several varieties of Flannel flower that we work with, as well as an ongoing breeding program. We do not sell plants directly to the public, or to wholesale nurseries — instead working with licensed commercial growers.

To obtain whole flannel flowers for use in gardens and landscaping, please email  David Woolley at email: david@bolongriverproduce.com.au.

To purchase White Romance cut-flowers, or other flannel flower blooms (season from mid October to late January) please email David Woolley at email@bolongriverproduce.com.au.

If you are needing flannel flower blooms between January and October, then please contact Craig Scott of Eastcoast Wildflowers (Sydney Flemington Markets)  on (02) 9325 6774. Craig gets blooms in from the North NSW coast where a variety of flannel flower is grown that has blooms most of the year round. These are suitable for weddings, special events, etc.

If you are interested in becoming a licensed grower of the flannel flower ‘White Romance’ please email lana@backcreekcountry.com.au.